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The XI LANSPA will consist of invited and contributed talks presented in plenary and parallel sessions. Additionally a poster session, and a panel on Nuclear Physics in Latin America.

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  • Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Reactions and Exotic Nuclei
  • Nuclear Astrophysics, Cosmic Rays
  • Hadron Structure, Phases of Nuclear Matter, QCD
  • Tests of Fundamental Symmetries and Properties of Neutrinos
  • Nuclear Instrumentation and Facilities
  • Applications in Medicine, Art/Archaeology, Energy, Space and Security

Confirmed Speakers

Adamian, GurgenJoint Institute for Nnuclear Research (Russia)Extracting integrated and differential cross sections in low energy heavy-ion reactions from backscattering measurements
Alahari, NavinGANIL (France)Resonances of the second region in pion photoproduction on nucleons within the effective Lagrangian approach
Antonenko, NikolayJoint Institute for Nnuclear Research (Russia)Perspectives of production of superheavy nuclei
Aprahamian, AniUniversity of Notre DameThe r-process and nuclear physics properties
Benlliure, JoséUniversity of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)Dynamical effects in fission investigated in complete kinematics measurements
Bertulani, CarlosTexas A&M University, USA
Bijker, RoelofUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México (México)Hadron spectroscopy in the unquenched quark model
Butler, PeterUniversity of Liverpool, United KingdomStudies of the shapes of heavy pear-shaped nuclei at ISOLDE
van Carlson, BrettInstituto de Aeronautica, BrazilFormation and decay of a hot compound nucleus
Caballero, LilianaUniversity of Guelph, CanadaNeutrino emission, nucleosynthesis, and the role of strong gravity
Chamoli, SanjayUniversity of Delhi (India)Shape transition in A~190 nuclei; a study via lifetime measurement in 188Pt
Cole, PhilipIdaho State University, USAApplications of accelerators
Descouvemont, PierreUniversité Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)
Dillmann, Iris TRIUMF (Canada)Beta-delayed neutron emission of very neutron-rich isotopes
Doornenbal, PieterRIKEN (Japan)
Elouadrhiri, LatifaJefferson Lab (USA)Hall B 12 GeV Upgrade Science Program
Fahlander, ClaesLunds Universitet (Sweden)Engaging local industry in the development of basic research infrastructure and instrumentation. The case of HIE-ISOLDE and ESS Scandinavia
Fahlander, MirkaLunds Universitet, SwedenCommissioned Education and Technology Transfer
Felix, OlgaBenemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Mexico)Analysis of the matrix VPMNS in the 2HDM-III
Ferreira, LidiaCentro de Física das Interacções Fundamentais, Portugal
Frauendorf, StefanUniversity of Notre Dame, USA
Garret, PaulUniversity of Guelph, Canada
Geltenbort, PeterInstitut Laue-Langevin, France
Gilad, ShalevMassachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)Tagged EMC - Exploring the Correlation between the EMC Effect and Nucleon-Nucleon Short-Range Correlations
Gomes, PauloUniversidad Federal Fluminense, BrazilReactions and scattering of weakly bound nuclei at near barrier energies
Gómez, EduardoUniversidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, MexicoWeak interaction studies with francium
Gómez, JuansebastianUniversidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)Neutron detector arrays used in the Neutron Backscattering Technique
González-Alonso, MartínInstitut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon (France)New Physics searches in nuclear beta decay in the LHC Era
Guevara, ZullyUniversidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)Lifetime measuraments of excited states of 10648Cd58 using the Doppler Shift Attenuation Method
Gulshani, ParvizNUTECH Services (Canada)A microscopic derivation of nuclear collective rotation-vibration model and its application to deformed nuclei
Hussein, MahirUniversidade de Saõ Paulo, BrazilThe role of simple 2p-1h doorway resonances in thermal neutron capture reactions
van Isacker, Piet GANIL (France)
Kreiner, AndrésCNEA & Universidad Nacional de San Martín
Lenzi, SilviaUniversità degli Studi di Padova (Italy)
Lépine-Szily, AlinkaUniversidade de São Paulo (Brazil)Possible existence of a four-body state in 9Be through the 8Li(p, d)7Li reaction
Linares, RobertoUniversidade Federal Fluminense (Brazil)Radiocarbon measurements at LAC-UFF: recent performance and perspectives
López, JorgeUniversity of Texas at El Paso, USA
Macchiavelli, AugistoLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USANeutron-proton pairing
Medina, NilbertoUniversidade de Saõ Paulo, Brazil
Moskal, PawelJagiellonian University, PolandStatus of the search for eta mesic nuclei
Napoli, DanielUniversità degli Studi di Padova, ItalyGermanium Detectors for Nuclear Spectroscopy
Natowitz, JosephTexas A&M, USA
Navarra, FernandoUniversidade de Saõ Paulo, Brazil
Naviliat-Cuncic, OscarMichigan State University, USA
Olaya, HernánUniversidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia (Colombia)Monte Carlo simulation of simultaneous radiation detection in the hybrid tomography system ClearPET-CT
de Oliveira, JoseUniversidade de Saõ Paulo (Brazil)
Pinilla, CarolinaUniversidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)Breakup of three-body exotic nuclei
Podolyak, ZsoltUniversity of Surrey, UKStructure of neutron rich N>126 nuclei
Ramírez, FitzgeraldUniversidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)
Rodriguez, WilmarUniversidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia)Level lifetime and side-feeding time measurements of 83Y using the Doppler shift attenuation method
Sajó-Bohus, LászlóUniversidad Simón Bolívar, Venezuela
Sarmiento, Luis GerardoLunds Universitet, Sweden
Schmidt-Wellenburg, PhilippPaul Scherrer Institut, Swizerland
Smith, EltonJefferson Laboratory (USA)Development of Silicon Photomultipliers and their Applications to GlueX
Söderström, Paer-AndersRIKEN, Japan (EURICA)Status and results from the decay spectroscopy project EURICA (Euroball-RIKEN Cluster Array)
Tabor, SamFlorida State University (USA)Neutron Excess, Shell Mobility, and Correlation Energy in S-D Nuclei
Whitmore, KennethMichigan State University (USA)Study of the one-neutron halo 19C via single-proton knockout of 20N

Plenary sessions by invited speakers

Plenary talks are of 25+5 minutes of duration. 

Parallel sessions

Parallel sessions:  15+5 minutes


  • Panels available from Monday 30 Nov to Thursday 3 Dec.

  • Format required: 0.84 X 1.19 m2


  • Panel: Nucler Science and Society in Latin America

  • Place: Auditorium 2, 2nd Floor


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